No Gods, No Masters, No Bad Snacks

Hi! My name is Megan Seling. As a culture writer and journalist, I’ve spent the last two decades in the trends of the food and music industry — I’ve eaten the Swedish Fish Oreos, I’ve taken on misogyny in punk music. Hell, I literally wrote the book about stuffed cupcakes.

Now, I’m taking my snack fandom to the next level; welcome to my newest project, Snack and Destroy, a weekly newsletter dedicated to snacks, candy, and rock and roll.

All snacks are fair game — new, old, sweet, savory — and each week’s snack will be paired with a song. Why? Because there are few things I love more than sharing my favorite food and music with people like you. The right song heard at the right time can help soothe a storming brain just as a bite of a favorite childhood treat can transport us to simpler times, at least temporarily.

Cheesy? Yes, but it’s true. Food and music bring us together, food and music comfort us when we’re alone. Let’s eat.

Here are just some of the types of snacks you can expect to read about.

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Sometimes, when I’m sleepy, I accidentally order 15 bags of Haribo candy.

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